Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Drawing 1 - End of Course

My course work has now been submitted and I can reflect on the course. It has been really tough at times and I'm so relieved I managed to finish. Doing the course while working full time and having a baby maybe wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had! There were so many times I nearly gave up, getting time to work has caused a lot of stress but now I've finished and I'm proud

I have learnt so much on this course. I feel I have progressed more than the Painting I course and my artistic skills have improved more which is strange because I'm sure I spent more time working on the last course. The previous course had more theory in it though or at least that how I remember it. I have to say this blog has also  been a lifesaver, I much prefer this to writing up a log book and I've been able to write a paragraph or two during my lunch hour which is helpful. 

One of the things I can take away from this course is now I know how to compose a picture. I started out plonking the subject in the middle of the paper surrounded by white. Now I know I can draw in the background and know that it improves the drawing. I've also learnt that I have to be a bit braver and make changes and add things. I have this fear of ruining the drawing but each time I made the changes my tutor suggested the drawings were improved greatly. I suppose I just have to do this without my tutor now!

I would like to do more courses, but I'm going to leave it for a while and enjoy some family time just now. I know I'll get probably get itchy feet soon though!


Aips Global said...

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Kappleto said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it interesting. I've now finished this course but hope to restart my OCA studies and complex a fine art degree soon. I have another blog https://getthepictureart.wordpress.com which I update more regularly (although it's been a while, I will be doing this soon). Thanks again!