Friday, 12 November 2010

Getting back into it

Lily is now nearly 8 months and I'm slowly starting to become interested again in art and my OCA course. I felt terrible when I was pregnant and basically everything drew to a halt. I deferred my course when she was born for a year but I hadn't actually lifted a pencil for months anyway.
It's funny how the brain works. While I was pregnant I just wasn't interested in anything to do with art, even documentaries on TV did nothing for me. I thought at the time that motherhood must have changed me and that would be it forever. Thankfully it wasn't and the love has gradually come back. I guess there just isn't enough space when other things are going on.
Now the problem is time of course! With the best will in the world I can't do much when there's a small person shouting for my attention. Even now, the only reason that I've started the blog again is because she's having a mega nap. She's been sleeping for over 2 hours now, something she never does so I'm worried that she's ill rather than using the time properly!
Anyway, maybe I'll start using this again to motivate myself for some drawing. We'll see.......