Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tutor feedback - Assignment 5

Assignment 5 - Tutor feedback

I had great feedback for this assignment. Here is some of what she said...

"The final drawings are wonderful and beautifully drawn. Your own comments in your blog explain that the thinking and consideration behind your decisions is all well thought out. I don’t need to add anything.
The sitting crouching pose = Only one change: perhaps to try to get rid of the white highlighting line along the shoulder. The highlight works really well, and is well though out, especially with the darker opposite side. Can you merge the line into the shading so it doesn’t look like a line.
The foreshortened pose = just the same comment for the dark line on the right hand side along his trousers."

I wasn't sure what my tutor was referring too so I emailed for confirmation and she she replied...

Can you see the definite line edging the right hand - his left one. - shoulder? It was really observant and advanced of you to emphasise this darker edge by lightening the back ground, but i just want to ensure you've done this as well as you can.
You need to merge your marks. That's all.

I immediately saw what she was talking about so I tried to blend it in and make the line less obvious.

 For the second drawing I did a bit more and had to stop myself from making more changes when I started! 

A2 Original Pastel
Changed A2 pastel

I got rid of the dark line along his right trouser leg but I felt it still needed some darkening so I introduced a bit of the reddish brown I'd used in other parts. The cover looked a bit odd so I tried to make it look like his weight was pushing it down. I also added some of the red into the shadows on his face and arms as they had become over blended and needed something to freshen them up a bit. Overall not too many changes.

I was really happy that my tutor likes this assignment as I had put a lot of work into it. I also received blog of the week from the OCA. The piece said that my blog was laid out well and easy to navigate through for tutors. I'm so glad because it's something I've spent some thought on. When I set the blog up I was quite frustrated with the limitations set by the application. I felt the time line wasn't very understandable for this course so I'm glad I've managed to make it easier to navigate through.


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