Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Assignment 5 - Drawing Figures - Quick Studies

Quick Studies

For this assignment I chose to go back to figure drawing. Some the other subjects might have been easier, both logistically because I need a model and also small mistakes seem so much more noticeable in figure drawing. This is, however, the subject I enjoy drawing and painting most and I think when you enjoy it you're more likely to do it better.

I like these short sketches as they are easier for me to fit in when I get a spare half hour (not very often at the moment) but I had to chop and change my models because of this.

I tried to keep these sketches as short as possible but I would invariable lose track of time.  I tried to be as fast as I could.

Check and Log

1. Think about and write up the challenges you met in doing these studies
The biggest challenge was to draw fast and get the essential lines down fast and then leave it. I find it hard to do this and some of them are too detailed which defeats the purpose. I think this is a skill in itself and I do think that I am much better at this than I used to be.

2. In what way has your drawing improved from earlier assignments?
To continue from the above question, I think I'm faster than I used to be. I seem to be able to judge sizes and angles better so that I don't have to rework things as often. This is something that I have noticed throughout the course compared with previous courses and it's so rewarding to be able to draw more accurately

3. What are your current biggest challenges in drawing figures?
My biggest challenge is the face, I really struggle to get the face to look like the person I'm drawing. It's very frustrating. In the past I've had problems with limb lengths and angles or foreshortening but I always find that if I keep looking I'll eventually get it right. The face however is so hard to do this. It's easier on a larger scale as you can measure easier but if the face is smaller e.g. on a full figure study I find it very difficult to draw a couple of lines and pick out the features accurately. 

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