Saturday, 25 February 2012

Assignment 5 - Drawing Figures - Continuous Line, Giacometti, Hockney

Continuous Line

I enjoyed this task, it was good fun to try and draw the figure without looking at the paper. It was really difficult to stop myself glancing down, it was automatic to look at the paper. I used a variety of pens or pencils but I found that pens were better and gave more movement.

Check and Log

1. This challenging exercise is likely to frustrate you. Instead of worrying about it reflect on what you have gained from it and make notes in your learning log.

I found overall my drawings were OK but sometimes I would look down and I had got something completely wrong. I found this particularly with the facial features. I guess this was because I must have been lifting the pen off the paper too much without realising, in order to place the features in the middle of the face.

In some of the drawings I tried to show the shadows in order to help describe the form but I found this didn't work very well with this technique. I noticed that it was sometimes helpful to concentrate on the negative spaces which helped to pick out the forms correctly. I also found that using a wiggly line to draw the folds in clothes was quite effective to show the form.

Overall this technique was really good to help me pick out the important shapes in a quick way. A figure can be described with sometimes only a few lines and this section helped to focus the mind on the essential lines. I found that I wanted to go over the same area again and I had to try to stop myself doing this as it would create a mess and ruin the first lines.

2. Find some examples of artists such as Giacometti and David Hockney, who work fluidly with loose line and note them down for reference.

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