Monday, 2 January 2012

Assignment 4 Perspective

Parallel Perspective - an interior view

A4 sketchbook

A4 sketchbook
 This drawing was done from my bathroom looking through the door to my bedroom where I conveniently have a rug at the doorway. I have previously studied perspective in the Painting 1 course and I really struggled to get it right so I was dreading this section and thought it would take ages. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it though, and most of my angles were correct or not far off. I'm glad I've progressed and learned something!

Angular Perspective - buildings or books

A4 sketchbook
I had some problems with the angles of all of the windows with this one which probably would have been helped if i'd done this on a larger scale or if I'd had a ruler to measure sizes.

A4 sketchbook Rome 1910 - after Sir Muirhead Bone
I tried to simplify this drawing abit and didn't include all of the detailing in the original but I tried to include the major elements.

Check and Log

1. What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings?

The most difficult thing was to get the angles correct. When the line is small it's much easier to get the angle wrong and then this can confuse the rest of the drawing especially if you use that line to measure other parts. Also with longer lines you have to keep the straight.
I find I always err on the side of an angle being too wide and needs to be corrected to be more acute.

2. Make note on the merits of using, or not using rulers to guide you.

I much prefer using a ruler to get the lines straight and to help it look accurate and real. In the drawing above of the corner buildings the windows were a mess and all wiggley because I didn't use a ruler. On the other hand a ruler always makes it look more clinical and less natural. The ideal solution is to have a really steady hand and lots of patience.

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