Saturday, 26 March 2011

Portrait from memory

For this section I decided to draw my mum. The brief asked to draw someone you have seen momentarily or draw a self portrait from memory. Firstly I had to make brief sketches and observational notes.

I tried to draw as much as I could and include the important details I would need. I forgot that the two sides of the face had different shadows so I had difficulty with the left eye. If I were to do this again I would do one overall sketch of the shape of the head. then do sketches of the nose and each eye and the mouth.

Although my sketches were quite lifelike the final drawing done from memory and using the sketches didnt really look like my mum.

Check and Log

1. Did you find it easy or difficult to convert your sketches into a portrait? I did find it difficult. I think it would always be difficult to do this but maybe with practice I would learn to look for the small characteristics and put them down in sketches quickly. At the moment I think I still see the overall face so I need to really observe and pick out the important shapes.

2. Would you spend more time on preliminary drawings if you started this excercise again? Yes I would pay more attention to certain details however I think if you did this a hundred times you would always miss something out. There is no doubt that the more information how can put down initially as quick as you can is best. Ideally, this was for a specific study you would make sketches and take photographs too.

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