Monday, 28 March 2011

Assignment 2 - final pieces

This assignment required 2 final pieces. I had to work up quick drawings and decide on the most interesting view before I started the bigger drawing at least A3 size.

Line and Shape
This was a seated pose focusing on line and shape rather than colour. I chose an ink pen for this as I felt it would be good for describing the shapes of the figure and I would be able to use bracelet hatching to describe the roundness.
I tried a couple of poses and decided I liked when the legs are crossed slightly side on and relaxing back into the chair. Unfortunately I didn't recheck the brief at this point as it asked for the model to have their hands resting on their thighs so I've made an error here. I liked this pose however so hopefully it wont make a difference. 

Final piece A3 pen
 I'm a bit disappointed with this final piece becasue I messed up the size and shape of the head. Pen is so unforgiving when I tried to correct this it just made it worse. I do however like the rest of the figure. I think I've managed to convey how she was slumped in the chair.I'm also happy with the legs and feet.

This was a reclining pose with suggestions of lying back in an arm chair or a sofa but I really wanted to try full lying down pose on the bed. I wanted the feet to come towards me so I could have a go at foreshortening.
Because this drawing was supposed to show tone, I wanted to use a soft medium that I could layer on to get darker areas. I chose a Conte pastel pencil in blue as I though the colour gave some atmosphere to the drawing. In the end I found that just the one colour on its own couldn't be applied dark enough for the darkest tones. Using the colour wheel I though that adding the opposite colour to blue (orange) would create shade. In the end however this didn't seem to work, whether it was the particular colours I tried I'm not sure. I ended up using a purple colour in the darkest shadows which I think worked quite well. So the colour theory didn't work!

For the final piece I chose the position where he was almost straight on which was not what I intended. I had expected a more slanting pose would be better but when I did the sketches they just didnt seem as pleasing. I think the angle of the light coming in had a lot to do with my choice as well. It's possible the other poses would have been better if the bed was in a different position or if I could have placed myself in a different position (other furniture and wall were getting in the way).
Final Piece A2 Conte pastel pencil
I am pleased with my final piece however, and I like the blue colour. I think I've managed to get the legs coming towards me which I was worried about. The only thing I'm not happy with is the bed itself. I started doing to wrinkles on the cover and found once I started I had to finish. They took agaes and I was getting really impatient. I think they detract from the figure and confuse the picture. Maybe they should have been done in a different colour or at least in a lighter tone.
Now I just have to send everything to my tutor! I really enjoiyed this assignment.


Lynx said...

Well done with these - especially the foreshortening one on the bed (really difficult to do and you have pulled it off).

Kappleto said...

Thanks for your comment! It's good to get feedback from people other than the bored hubby!