Friday, 2 March 2012

Assignment 5 - Drawing Figures - Analyse Form

Analyse Form: Simplified Figures

This exercise asked to break the figure into connected cylinders. I found this very useful for simplifying the shape and is a method which I will use in the future to simplify the shapes. If this is done in your initial sketches I think it's more likely that the proportions will be right and the angles will be correct.  

I then added tone to the cylinders to give them a roundness. The charcoal sketch has worked better for this I think.

Check and Log

Look at your drawings and note down what you have learned from this exercise in your learning log how you experienced this exercise.

I have learned an effective technique of establishing the main shapes of the figure with this exercise. I think it's an observational change, rather than looking at the model and thinking of them as a rounded form with arms and legs and shadows and highlights, it helps to simplify that data into cylinders from which you can examine and decide the overall position of each of the limbs in relation to the rest of the body. I found this very useful and hopefully I can use this techniques at the initial stages of a sketch even if only very lightly or indeed just in my head.

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